How to Stop Blinds Banging: Effective Solutions and Tips

How to Stop Blinds Banging: Effective Solutions and Tips

Blinds are a popular choice for window coverings in New Zealand.

They offer privacy and light control, make a great alternative to curtains, and are a stylish addition to any room. However, it can be noisy and annoying when your blinds bang against the door or window frame. Here, we’ll share several strategies on how to stop blinds from banging, ensuring silence for your home while still welcoming fresh air and the sun.

Utilise tiebacks or hold-downs

Tiebacks or hold-downs are straightforward yet effective in stabilising particular types of blinds. A key method in terms of how to stop vertical blinds banging in the wind, tiebacks can help secure your blinds by keeping them to the side of your windows. Meanwhile, hold-downs are a good idea to ensure your Venetian blinds properly stay secured at the bottom of the frame, even when there’s a breeze. With drilled and adhesive strip choices available, these methods can be great if you want to stop blinds blowing in the wind.

Install cleats or hooks on the wall or window frame

It’s not just the blinds that could be blowing in the breeze, but also the blind cords. One way to prevent these cords from hitting your windows is to attach hooks to your walls. These wall fittings provide a secure point to fix the cords, ensuring they remain unaffected by wind – plus, they protect kids from potentially dangerous cords they could get tangled up in. The hook method is a simple, aesthetically pleasing way to secure your blind cords in the wind.

Add weights to the bottom of your blinds

Attaching weights or bottom chains can be a compelling temporary idea to enhance stability and reduce movement. A weight on the bottom rail of the blind slats can stop your blinds from blowing in the wind, lowering sound as well. But while effective, this trick of weighing down blinds may damage the structural integrity of your blind material in the long run.

Explore outdoor blinds or shutters for windy areas

Outdoor blinds or shutters can be an effective alternative in areas with strong winds. Designed to withstand harsh weather, these window coverings are less prone to banging against the window frame. They offer fine protection from the sun while allowing fresh air to circulate. These options are ideal for homes where blinds blowing in the wind are a common issue and are a practical solution to stop noisy banging.

Consider motorised blinds for convenience

Choose motorised roller blinds for a convenient solution to prevent banging. This option lets you control your blind movement and position via a remote control or smartphone app. This allows for precise adjustment of the blinds, keeping them clear of the window frame and eliminating noise. Opting for motorised blinds is a modern approach to routinely stop roller blinds from banging.

Adjust the length of the window blinds

A primary reason for roller blinds banging against windows is that they are sized incorrectly for your home windowsill. Excessive length will mean they are more likely to knock against the frame, creating loud, unnecessary noise. If you’re wondering how to stop roller blinds from banging in the wind, getting the right fit can help significantly, providing the ideal method to maintain quiet. And there are many companies who offer this custom fitting – including us here at Blinds on Location.

Additional tips for reducing blind noise

Proper installation

Ensure your blinds are installed correctly on your home windows. If you attach them poorly, it could contribute to unnecessary movement and noise.

Adhesive strips

Attach an adhesive to secure the bottom rail of your blinds to the windowsill temporarily to stop them from being blown about in the wind. However, be warned that this isn’t recommended for long-term use.

Using towels or fabric as a buffer

Attaching a small towel or piece of fabric to the bottom of the roller blinds can reduce louder noises when your blinds are banging against the window or walls in the breeze.

Regular maintenance and precautions

Regularly check and tighten any loose parts in your blind mechanism. This can prevent rattling sounds and ensure smooth operation.

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