What Blinds are the Best Choice for Bathrooms?

What Blinds are the Best Choice for Bathrooms?

When it comes to home design and decor, the bathroom often doesn’t get as much attention as other rooms.

But as a vital part of our daily lives, it deserves equal consideration, especially regarding window coverings. In New Zealand, window blinds are a favoured choice for bathrooms, providing natural light and privacy while resisting moisture and mildew. Here, you’ll discover the best blinds for bathrooms and what benefits they create for your space.

Why you should install blinds in your bathroom

Blinds are versatile – they offer great privacy, functionality, and style. These window coverings ensure total privacy, crucial in bathrooms and shower rooms. Blinds also give you complete control over lighting, heat insulation, and ventilation. They’re easy to clean and maintain, making them especially great for the damp conditions typical of a bathroom. And unlike curtains, if you choose your blinds correctly, they won’t warp or grow mould.

Exploring the best blinds for bathrooms

Venetian blinds

If you’re wondering what blinds are best for bathrooms, Venetians are a top pick. They bring durability, versatility, and style, fitting any bathroom decor. Made from materials such as faux wood or PVC, Venetian blinds are ideal for humid environments. They’re easy to clean and excellent at resisting warping, rust, and moisture. Plus, their adjustable slats provide nuanced light and privacy control – vital for bathroom blinds.


For a more luxurious feel, consider shutters. With faux wood or aluminium styles available, shutters are robust and moisture-resistant, well adept at handling bathroom humidity. They not only provide superior privacy and light management but also add a sophisticated touch to your bathroom windows.

Roller blinds

You can also consider roller blinds with mould-resistant fabric for your bathroom windows. This type of blind is simple to operate, making it ideal for slippery, wet hands. Plus, you can find a stylish colour to match any decor. However, other non-fabric options are still better for your bathroom blinds, as even moisture-resistant blind fabrics don’t fare as well in a humid environment.

What Blinds are the Best Choice for Bathrooms

Choosing blinds suitable for bathrooms

When buying blinds for your bathroom, consider factors like the material’s ability to withstand humid environments and its resistance to mildew and mould. Bathrooms experience mould due to wet and often not well-ventilated conditions, so choosing resistant blinds is crucial. PVC, aluminium, and faux wood are all good material choices. Avoid choosing natural wood and non-mould-resistant fabric options, as they cannot absorb moisture well and may warp or foster mould.

Bathroom blinds should complement the colours of your house, creating a stylish look. Whether you choose roller blinds, Venetian blinds, or shutters, ensure they suit the aesthetic of the room and offer the desired level of privacy and light control.

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