Translucent, Light Filtering Roller Blinds

Our translucent blind fabric allows light penetration while still providing ample privacy for day and night.

With light-filtering roller blinds, you don’t need to sacrifice sunshine for

These sheer window coverings block the view of your windows in and out while providing a soft light in the daytime. Easily obscure unsightly outdoor settings and protect yourself from onlookers at every hour. Our dozens of colours mean there’s a set of light filter roller blinds to fit any room.

What does light filtering mean for blinds?

Light-filtering blinds allow for natural light to enter a room while still providing some degree of privacy.

As the light passes through the translucent material, the blinds reduce glare and provide a soft atmosphere for the room. Unlike sunscreen fabrics, light-filtering fabrics obscure the window view both ways, making them ideal for rooms for which you are more concerned with daytime privacy, such as a bedroom or working space. This is especially useful for neighbourhoods where homes are in close proximity.

Choosing the best light filtering roller blinds for your home


Our timeless fabrics are suitable for any home. And with dozens of colours to pick from, you can easily find the ideal choice for your space. Note that the colour of your fabric will affect visibility, so if you prefer more privacy for your window location, go for black or dark grey over a light colour. You can also select your blind chain colour. The general rule is that blinds should be in the same colour family as your walls. 


Which way the fabric rolls and where you decide to set your blinds relative to the window frame depends on the priorities you have for your room. Mounting back roll blinds outside the window recess (outside fit) will reduce light gaps and allow for greater privacy control. In contrast, a front roll blind set within the frame recess (inside fit) can offer more attractive visuals. 


Choose a combination of two blinds for extra practicality. Use thermal and light-filter blinds together to create a useful double-blind that keeps the indoor temperature nice during winter. Or, add a battery-operated motor to move your blinds automatically without using the manual chain control.


How to clean and maintain your light filtering blinds

Sun filter blinds are easy to take care of. Just extend them as far as they go and vacuum them with a brush attachment. Use a damp cloth to wipe away any other dirt. Avoid using abrasive products which will damage the roller blind fabric colour.

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